In his newest series „Pools“, the German photographer Stephan Zirwes presents intriguing drone shots of public swimming pools.




The mesmerizing aerial shots show everyday places, some filled with people, others completely empty and abandoned. Stephan Zirwes challenges the viewer to think about having the privilege of free swimming facilities and appreciating public access to water.




The photographer told the Dezeen magazine: “I denounce the waste and privatisation of water.” He opposes the use of drinking water for private swimming pools which seems to be one of the reasons why he started this series in 2000. Back then, he used to charter helicopters in order to get these shots. Today, drone technology makes this project a lot less expensive and more accessible.




To edit the background around the pools, Zirwes multiplies the tiles around them with Photoshop. This not only gives his artworks their hypnotizing yet playful looks, but also frames the swimming pool by editing away the distractions around it. See more of his photographs below and here!