Anna Ginsburg

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Passionate and Playful: Anna Ginsburg can do it all.


Anna is an award-winning filmmaker with diverse skills. These include stop-motion, live-action, and her signature hand-drawn 2D animation. She is also known for inventive transitions, visually rich narratives, and a fearless perspective. Anna is able to move between the emotional and the playful with dexterity.


She is a recipient of several awards for her outstanding work. Above all Anna has directed films for the BBC, CNN and for the iconic department store Selfridges. Her films ‘What is Beauty’ and ‘Ugly’ approach the issues of body image, female representation and refugee stories thoughtfully yet directly.


Anna Ginsburg will speak at the Forward Festival Amsterdam in May. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Studio Feixen, Eva Cremers, Sander Plug and many more.