Grilli Type

Grilli Types type isn’t just pretty, it has personality and a story to tell..


Tobias Rechsteiner will represent Grilli Type.


Grilli Type will lead you through how a university self-help group and the founding of a type foundry as a student project grew into an internationally active type and graphic design phenomenon. Today, the international team around Grilli Type works in various areas of typeface, graphic, and web design. They are also known for their social media profile and the educational stories called GT Academy. Through which the team shares their knowledge on type design. You will hear about their projects, the latest commissioned work, the still-active self-help group, and how they work across multiple time zones as an actual remote team. Let them show you how they are inspired to create new typefaces and the visual worlds in which they live.


Type may be their main gig, but it’s far from their only one. They are trained graphic designers who happen to run a type foundry. Founded by Swiss designers Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain certainly does not make Grilli Type neutral.


They produce typefaces that convey meaning beyond the words they utter. This goes beyond technical excellence, which they take for granted – after all, they wouldn’t be doing their job right if the writing didn’t read and display well. What matters is this: What story does a typeface tell? What kind of personality does it have? That’s why they create minisites for our typefaces. They want to show them in action, in context – to give them a voice and let them tell a compelling story.


Tobias will speak at the Forward Festival Hamburg in April. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Deutsche & Japaner, Charlotte Rohde, Jean-Remy von Matt and many more.