Luis Perez

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Luis Perez: A true Director of Cinematography


Luis Perez is one of the most sought after cinematographers. He understands the importance of developing and utilizing technical advances to broaden the aesthetics of the visual medium itself. Perez’s insight and awareness of pop culture allows him to transform images into something both impactful and fresh.


Perez continues to be in demand because his sense of design, eye for composition, framing, lighting, color, movement and originality brings life to every frame he shoots. It is Perez’s combination of this technical knowledge and the talent for distinguishing images in a way most people cannot that makes for a good Director of Photography.


Perez’s past projects have exposed his technological skills as one of his top assets, but his passion for the craft of cinematography is what sets him apart. Perez’s hard work, persistence and desire to master this craft is the reason he is steadfast in this industry and he is doing everything he can to learn from other greats in this field. Behind the camera he has captured the images of such artists as Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Slim Thug, DMX, Young Jeezy, Black Rob, Busta Rhymes, Usher, Jay Z, Nelly Furtado, Jessica Simpson, Ja Rule, Usher, New Edition, Kanye West, Queen Latifa, Pharrell Williams and many others.


Luis will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Loulou João, Mr. Bingo, Sofia Crespo and many more.