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Olf (*1994) is a Berlin-based and internationally active photographer whose work is strongly
influenced by the artistic documentary tradition of photography. All of his work is published under
his alias OLF.


Born and raised in the south of Germany, OLF discovered his passion for photography after his
older brother gifted him his first polaroid camera when he was only eight years old. After moving to
the german capital Berlin in 2016 he quickly began to document and appreciate the work of
different subcultures.


OLF also has a knack for making videos, creating paintings and generally enjoys reclaiming the
urban space. All these various artistic endeavors contribute to his ever evolving profile as an artist.


OLF’s work has been exhibited all over the world most notably in Berlin, Brussels, Melbourne,
China and Rome.


He currently resides in Berlin working on international long term projects.


OLF will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in August. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Viktor Hammarberg, Gavin Strange, GRIF Studio and many more.