Mat Budelman: Spotify Design

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Designing for ears? Spotify Design knows how.


They will be represented by Mat Budelman.


When most of us think of design, we think of posters, websites, things we see. So when it comes to designing experiences that we hear, designers are in some pretty uncharted territory. And that’s exactly where Spotify Senior Product Designer Mat Budelman lives. He’ll share what he’s learned about designing listening experiences and what those lessons can teach us about designing experiences for our other senses.


Design at Spotify isn’t one discipline working in isolation. Far from it. Instead, we work in unison with every other team. One of the Designers is Mat, an award-losing designer, part-time coffee enthusiast, self-taught DJ, and author of three unwritten books about design. As a Senior Product Designer at Spotify, he focuses on creating personalized experiences for over 365 million users across planet earth.


Spotify Design will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to Mat, you will be able to hear Creatives like Stefanie Moshammer, Foxdog Studios , Jim Stoten and many more.