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Studio Mut will be represented by its Co-Founder and graphic designer Thomas Kronbichler.


Formed in 2014 by Martin Kerschbaumer and Thomas Kronbichler, Studio Mut is now one of the most influential graphic design studios in Italy. Their design work includes identity, print, editorial and digital design for clients spanning art, culture and commerce.


When the pandemic forced Studio Mut to work from home in 2020, they had to rethink their work process. But how can you work as a creative when it feels like your creativity has been lost? Thomas went on a digital zoom journey. He talked to his friends, mentors and the occasional graphic design childhood hero.
And he asked himself: What keeps us going? Where does our creativity come from, and how can we keep it alive?


In his talk, Thomas Kronbichler tells how he managed to go from a creative child to the co-founder of Studio Mut. Get to know Studio Mut and its process of creating identity, print, editorial and web design. How should a final design product feel and what should it accomplish in its final form. Since the final product should stand for itself, what is the creative process of Studio Mut and Thomas Kronbichler in particular?


Portrait ©Piero Martinello


Studio Mut will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Eike König, Erik Kessels, Kelli Anderson and many more.