For three decades, FREITAG has been synonymous with design, functionality, and sustainable material use. Inspired by the culture of copying, this initiative showcases the company’s commitment to recycling and eco-friendly production.


As FREITAG marks its 30th anniversary, it pays tribute to its imitators, thanking them for helping shape its unique identity. This homage extends to one of Switzerland’s largest supermarket chains. To commemorate this milestone, FREITAG introduces the limited-edition F13-D COPY CAT during the “Donnerstag Weeks” at their Flagship Store in Zurich, from September 19 to 30. Impressively, 99% of profits from this campaign will be donated to a Swiss retailer’s social initiative.



The Story of “Donnerstag”

In 1996, Markus Freitag discovered a supermarket copy of a FREITAG bag named “Donnerstag” (both “Freitag” & “Donnerstag” are weekdays in German). This mass-produced imitation lacked the unique qualities and sustainable ethos of FREITAG’s products. Thanks to overwhelming support from fans and the media, the copy was removed from shelves, with a commitment never to use days of the week for bag names again.


An Homage to the Copy

FREITAG celebrates this turning point by transforming its Zurich Flagship Store into a supermarket, humorously embracing the concept of copying.



The Original Copy

The limited-edition F13-D COPY CAT is the highlight of the “Donnerstag Weeks.” Crafted from used truck tarps in various shades of blue, it features an original Donnerstag label and is exclusively available at the Flagship Store in Zurich. Most notably, 99% of profits from this special offer will support a Swiss retailer’s social initiative.




For all of you who don’t know Freitag. FREITAG, which was found in 1993 is dedicated to extending the lifespan of used materials. In 2023, they introduced the fully recyclable backpack, Mono[PA6]. FREITAG lab. AG, headquartered in Zurich Oerlikon, operates on principles of self-organization and employs around 250 people, still owned by the FREITAG brothers. Visit for more information.


Image Credits: © Philip Frowein