Emily Cohen is your business partner, truth-teller, and shrink. She consults design and creative businesses to bring out the best in them – by cutting out the bullshit. At the Forward Festival Hamburg, Emily Cohn will show you how to better manage your clients in her Online Workshop.


“People either love or hate me”, says Emily Cohen. She describes herself and her approach as brutally honest. Appropriately, that is what her book is called: “Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Strategies To Evolve Your Creative Business”.

We still are in the middle of a pandemic, that is hitting the creative industry hard, so some honest advice can work miracles. Emily Cohen firmly believes that it is about time to realize that perhaps it is our own fault, instead of always blaming others. With her direct approach, she wants to shine a light on common problems design firms have and wants to offer solutions.



Yup, you read that right! Emily Cohen wants us creatives to look deeply at ourselves and our industry and to ask ourselves: What can we do about it? Working with many leading design companies across the globe, she has developed, tested, and curated key business strategies, that have helped businesses to grow, and be more effective. So, the consultant packed all that knowledge into her book to help us out.



What we like most about it? Brutally Honest is specially designed for visual learners and all the advice, insights, and best business practices are illustrated the creative way: colorful, illuminating information graphics, and checklists help us shine a light on common mistakes and provide solutions.



You are hooked? Join Emily Cohen´s no bullshit-workshop at Forward Festival Hamburg!