As you might have noticed, we have a new Design for this year’s Forward Festivals. Its base is the new and super sleek typeface of Grilli Type, one of our past Forward speakers, GT Planar. With its ability to transition from -45° to +45 while retaining its integrity, it is the perfect addition to our Forward arrows. Our designers, Zwupp from the Forward Network, were very pleased with the font and happy to work with it and implement it into our new Design for Forward Festival 2023.



© Grilli Type // GT Planar


Zwupp has managed to apply the 45° vibe to the entire design. It’s an impressive representation of the festival’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. The use of geometric shapes and patterns gives the design a contemporary flair, while the clean lines and simple yet playful typography add excitement and an extra “wow factor.”


The Forward Festivals will take place in two of our favorite cities: Berlin & Vienna. Both cities are known for their vibrant arts and design scenes, making them the perfect locations for a festival that celebrates creativity and design.



Forward Festival Berlin is nowhere else but at the HKW Berlin. With them as our host and partner the possibilities seem endless. Its breathtaking architecture and halls will open new chances for each and everyone attending. Beside the amazing location we are very happy with our lineup this year, including Malika Favre, Baugasm, Ines Alpha, Aurelia Durand and many more. The announcements aren’t done yet so stay up to date and hyped!



Forward Festival Vienna will take place in Vienna’s stunning cinema hall of legendary Gartenbaukino in the middle of our hometown. With its outstanding lineup including heavyweights of the creative industry like Yuko Shimizu, Gavin Strange, Anna Ginsburg, Max Siedentopf and many more. Obviously stay tuned for more announcements coming soon for Vienna as well.


In conclusion, the Forward Festival 2023 promises to be an exciting and inspiring event. Thanks to the huge help of Zwupp for pushing the design this year to an even more immersive and playful new composition. A perfect fit for this year’s festivals, since it’s going to be two events with a range of local heroes and international heavyweights that will leave you inspired and connected for a lifetime.