Every month, Forward Magazine brings you a selection of musical gems handpicked by creatives, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival and many more. Find out what music Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Kessels, Annie Atkins and Snask amongst others listen to!


“Press Forward” goes back to over two years now and it is one of the most popular series we are publishing in Forward Magazine. Our team is always excited when a new one by a renowned creative arrives. What is it that inspires them? Do we have the same taste of music or are they into something totally different?


Since music (and making playlists) can heal all wounds, we curated the last two issues (the „Lockdown Special“ and the „Home Office Edition“) ourselves, but we are already curious about what comes next when more of the speakers of our 2020 festivals will send us their playlists. That being said, stay tuned for more!


But first, we wanna invite you on a journey through the past 25 editions by 25 creatives.
Curated by:

#1 Forward Creatives | #2 Unpaper Magazine | #3 B.Visible | #4 Wald und Schwert | #5 Michael Fritz | #6 Stefan Sagmeister | #7 Culk | #8 Cool Shit | #9 Rizon Parein | #10 Anton & Irene | #11 Process | #12 Stefanie Moshammer | #13 Laura Karasinski | #14 Sucuk & Bratwurst | #15 OrtnerSchinko | #16 Othmar Handl | #17 Max Siedentopf | #18 Anthony Burrill | #19 Erik Kessels | #20 Barnaby Steel of Marshmallow Laser Feast | #21 DVTK | #22 Annie Atkins | #23 SNASK | #24 Lockdown Special | #25 Home Office Edition


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