Grilli Type

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Grilli Type will be represented by graphic and type designer as well as managing director for Grilli Type in Berlin: Tobias Rechsteiner.


Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain founded Grilli Type in Switzerland in late 2009 as a collaborative avenue for working with other designers. Although the foundry is based in Lucerne, GT is active on a global scale. The studio now numbers six, with colleagues dispersed across the globe.


Just because Grilli Type is Swiss doesn’t mean they’re neutral. They make type with a point of view, type that conveys meaning beyond the words it spells out. It also transcends technical excellence, which they consider a given—after all, if type didn’t read and perform well in a wide range of challenging environments, they wouldn’t be doing their job. What matters to them is this: What story does a typeface tell? What kind of personality does it have?


Type may be their main gig, but it’s far from their only one. They’re graphic designers by training and temperament who happen to run a type foundry. The relationships they’ve forged with other designers are collaborations in the truest sense of the word. Those collaborations are essential to Grilli Type’s mission and inform their desire to produce useful type. That’s why they make minisites for our typefaces. They want to show them in action, in context—to give them a voice let them tell a compelling story in their own words.