Dada Projects presented by MAXON

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Dada Projects: Let’s get fem-spired.


The Studio will be represented by founder Christina Worner.


Dada Projects believes in an alternative future for 3D design. As a female-led studio in a male-dominated industry, Christina is offering a new perspective on visual storytelling.


The studio follows a concept-focused approach, with a strong background in graphic design. They mix technical know-how with creativity in every project they undertake. Their work involves using their imagination to blend ordinary things with unreal digital worlds seamlessly. Unlike usual 3D animation methods, they prefers a magical realism approach to create unique, speculative realms.


Dada Projects collaborates with various international clients such as Nike, Rimova, Vogue, London Fashion Week and YouTube.


This talk will be presented by MAXON.



Dada Projects will speak at the Forward Festival Amsterdam in May. Next to Christina, you will be able to hear Creatives like Anna Ginsburg, Studio Feixen, Eva Cremers and many more.